Brewing Classes with Beer Man Dan

Brewing beer is not difficult.  It just requires a fair bit of know-how, the right equipment, and a little bit of patience.  Beer Man Dan will provide you with the first two, you are on your own to develop some patience.  The full process of brewing delicious beer takes from 3-8 weeks depending on the beer you want to make.  My lesson is broken into two sessions, brewing and bottling.

When I started brewing, I used a process called mini-mash or partial mash. This is the easiest method to start with while still maintaining a certain amount of control over the final product. The majority of the sugars from the grains is in the form of a malt extract, either liquid (LME) or dry (DME). This ensures sufficient sugars for the yeast to feed on. This is the method I recommend for the casual beginner. The whole process takes about 3 hours with fermentation lasting 2 weeks. A 45 minute bottling session and 2-4 more weeks to bottle condition and the process is complete. I provide everything needed all the way through so there is no need to buy a bunch of bulky equipment. Just enjoy the final product with your friends!!

Before Your Appointment

After you book your appointment with BMD, I will contact you for an initial consultation.  We can talk about what kind of beer you want to make, how many people will be there, etc.

On the Day of Your Brewing Appointment

I will show up at your place with everything needed for our session.  This is where the fun begins!  We will go through every step very hands-on…you will be making your very own beer!  When we are done, 5 gallons of delicious soon-to-be-beer will be your new roommate for approximately 2 weeks.

On the Day of Your Bottling Appointment

Bottling does not take as long as brewing, so block out about an hour for this.  I’ll bring the bottles, caps, and all other equipment.  In no time we’ll have your beer transferred to bottles, slap some labels on them, and then put them away to complete their carbonation.  After about 2 weeks, your brew is ready for sharing and drinking!

Standard lessons are only $395, so Book a Brew today!