About BeerManDan

My name is Dan (if you hadn’t guessed) and I am an avid beer-lover and home brewer (also if you haven’t guessed).  After I made my first batch, I was hooked for life.  I have evolved my equipment and processes as I have evolved my skills and knowledge of the craft.  Now I enjoy sharing my passion with people who want to learn.

I grew up in a small town in a religious family so my true love of beer wasn’t discovered until college.  Throughout the years, from changing jobs to changing states (even lived in Alaska for a bit), I have always made and enjoyed beer.  As a management trainer for a retail chain, I was in a different state just about every week and I always located a local brewpub to sample the region’s delicious offerings!  This was a real influence on my brewing and my drive to learn more.  Which brought me to starting BeerManDan.com…to be surrounded by beer!